Professional work

Exelweiss Entertaiment (2003-2011)

I am very grateful to Daniel G. Bláquez (yakaré), José Vicente Pons (kabila), Carles Pons (karlesman) and Josep Sala (madtronik) for giving me the opportunity to work in this wonderful company, even when I had no previous experience in video games. Here I spent the best early years of career, working in many marvelous and different little games, and with remarkable people: Dan, Arturo, Paco, Gus, Arnau, José Alberto (joruib), Jordi, Víctor, Alberto (misterycat), Marcos (elmarkis) and Isis (dem).

Games were programmed using Adobe Director with its LINGO programming language, except for the J2ME games, in Java.

Akamon Entertainment (2011-2013)

All the efforts at Exelweiss were centered around the multiplayer online games at Mundijuegos. To better support it, a new company were founded, Akamon Entertainment, joining forces with other professionals.

My job was to maintain the common server and client code for the games, and later, to make the main implementation of the server for the games (in Java) and port, with Marcos, the main client engine from Adobe Director to Adobe Flash. Later, all games were ported (not by me) to Java (their server code) and Flash (their client code).

Gameloft (2013-2016)

Here, I had a similar workflow as I had at Exelweiss when we were making mobile games, but games were much bigger and could not be made by a single programmer and a single artist anymore. Games were for low end Android devices.

Independent (2016)